About Us

September 16, 2009

We have served the growing senior citizen community across the country.  We constantly strive to hire great people who love to serve and help others.  Our caring staff set us apart by how they show genuine concern for each and every customer. We believe our high quality medical products help seniors enjoy a great quality of life, which in turn results in more activity and increased health.

Even with changes in technology, insurance and government policy, we are still providing the best service possible and highest quality products on the market. We believe every customer deserves the highest level of care and top-quality medical products available.

We handle all the paperwork necessary, work with your doctor, and deal with your insurance and Medicare to get you the best medical products available delivered right to your door all while providing the best customer experience possible.

Delivery: Lake, Pinellas & Polk

24 hour emergency service

Labor for warranty repair of defective products

Pick-up and delivery of product

Billing of primary or secondary payer sources

Rework of denied claims

Instruction on equipment operation and safety to client, family and caregiver

Follow-up with physicians (progress and compliance)

Arrange for oxygen services for traveling patients